Hexed (Misfits University)

by B.A. Collins

YA Paranormal Romance

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Sixteen-year-old Alex Gonzales is used to hard work. Nothing has come easy to him. He lives in a one-bedroom apartment with his free-spirited mother and calls a sleeper sofa his bed. When the fact there is more to this world than meets the eye is brought to his attention and the truth about supernaturals is revealed, he figures that is it—there can’t be anything worse. Boy was he ever wrong.

Darcy Matthews can’t believe her eyes when the guy she’s had a crush on swoops in out of nowhere and saves her from a demon attack. What’s more interesting is Alex defeated the demon by tapping into supernatural powers. He’s not human only he doesn’t seem to know as much. She finds herself charged with teaching him the ropes of Wheaton Academy’s elite social circle— The Order. She’s been a card-carrying member since birth. Alex, while technically an outsider, does belong with them but convincing him is only the first step. Convincing the rest of The Order he’s an asset and not a threat is an entirely different matter.

These two, from opposites sides of the tracks, find themselves thrust together in battle and circumstance and learn quickly that first impressions aren’t always what they seem.



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B.A. Collins

    Person of interest in a number of unsolved... just kidding. Really, BA is in witness protection...just kidding again. B.A. Collins in a pen name for a best selling author of adult paranormal romance.


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