Black Widow Boulevard



Black Widow Boulevard (Devil's Town)

by Tempest Stevens

YA Paranormal Romance

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Shi Lemaitre has never really been sure how to take her overly eccentric mother and sister. Though she knows they’re beyond different, that they’re “special”, there is a darkness surrounding them that she doesn’t share. It’s a mystery she’s not sure she fully wants to understand.

Sean Ballentine knows The Addam’s Family and The Munsters have nothing on his relatives. Whether it’s his grandmother enchanting doorknobs to bite his mother or the cursed refrigerator that ate his cousin, there is always something strange going on in the Ballentine home. He and his brothers, who are all a hodgepodge of paranormal, take turns trying to outdo each other in their dark, deadly and dashing ladies man rivalry. Girls are nothing more than pawns in their game—that is, until Sean finds himself colliding with a woman who looks almost identical to the one he’s only recently started dating.

In the midst of a mother and sister who can shift into black widow spiders to ensnare men and a group of brothers who put the bad in badass, Shi has to learn the truth of her past and her present to avoid a disastrous future. If not, she and Sean won’t stand a chance at happiness together—something neither of them ever had dared hoped for and something neither of them is willing to let go of.

Warning: This book is recommended for Grades 10+, 16yrs and up. It contains violence, horror elements, sexual content, adult language, graphic moments.


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Tempest Stevens


Tempest Stevens has been writing and publishing stories under another name for nearly eight years. Fascinated by the paranormal and the lure of the supernatural her stories dip into another world--one where werewolves and vampires exist. Tempest isn't much for fitting in with society's expectations and hopes this reflects in her characters as well. She embraces the fact she's a social misfit and finds great humor in the knowledge others just don't "get it".

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